250KIP Linear Valve Override Tool, Type B (LVOT)

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Centurion Subsea Services has designed and manufactured an API 17H LVOT Type B for use in all standard API 17H Type B linear interfaces. This Tool is capable of 250,000 lbf for linear override, exceeding API 17H standard override force of 167,500 lbf.

This tool is utilized for override of the valve shaft of a subsea well head. It is specifically engineered, designed and tested for long term subsea use with materials not subject to stress corrosion cracking. The tool features an ROV panel interface with Pressure Gauge and an API 17H Hot Stab interface with ROV operated ball valves for use as a long-term override solution. The tool can be delivered with Type A and C interfaces. Stroke length of 13" enables overriding virtually all subsea hardware requiring linear override.

Safety Feature: Fail-safe spring return plunger

*Note - Override force may need to be de-rated based on mating interface limits.

What's In the Box

  • 15 KPSI Intensifier Kit
  • Pressure Relief Kit
  • Spares Kit; Including all Hoses Required for Operation
  • Operating & Maintenance Manual Including Pressure to Force Conversion Chart
MaterialsXM-19 High Strength SS
NACE 718 Inconel
NIABrz Bearing Components
316 SSTL ROV Handle
316 SSTL ROV Panel
316 SSTL Hardware
Linear Force Range0 - 250,000 lbf
Weight410 lbs/186 kg (air)
350 lbs/159 kg (water)
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