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We believe that all incidents are preventable and that safety is everyone’s responsibility. With industry-tested processes, Centurion Subsea Services has developed a safety-centric culture that permeates all levels of our organization.

At Centurion Subsea Services, we believe that a company can only achieve true success when it focuses equally on three core business values. These are:

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Prudent Management Decisions

  • Safe,

Standing firmly behind HSE policies, safety is at the core of all our decision-making processes.

Our culture recognizes the need for a safe working environment and each employee—skilled in their trade—takes responsibility for the welfare of themselves and those around them during each project.

Centurion Subsea Services is committed to the continuous monitoring and improvements of Health and Safety work practices. We strive to maintain a high-quality standard throughout the group and are conscious of protecting the environment wherever we can. We were very proud to be awarded our ISO9001-2015 accreditation by Lloyds Register in October 2017.