4:1 High Pressure Intensifier

  • IHPU, DWP & Fluid Injection

Key Features

  • Industry standard Minibooster Intensifier
  • 4:1 ratio as standard but other options available
  • Suitable for oil or glycols
  • Mounted on an ROV friendly base plate


  • Spares kit
  • Supporting tools

What’s Included

  • Intensifier Panel
  • Operations Manual
  • Certificate Pack

The 4:1 High Pressure Intensifier provides a multipurpose high pressure intensifier circuit suitable for directly mounting onto a subsea skid or direct to an ROV.

Designed primarily for use with Shell Tellus 22 or 32 grade hydraulic oils, this intensifier can operate using hydraulic oil, glycol or a water/glycol mixture. The Intensifier should be completely flushed when reverting to hydraulic oils.

An optional spares package can be included and shipped with this unit.

IHPU, DWP & Fluid Injection