Class 1-4 Torque Tool C/W Hoses, Spare, Case

  • ROV Torque Tools

Key Features

  • CW/CCW operation
  • The supplied motors cover the entire torque range and are easily changed out
  • It has also been designed with a latch system that locks the torque tool in place until disengaged or unless a power problem is encountered it automatically unlatches.

What’s Included

  • Operating and Maintenance Manual
  • Surface Test Jig With Topside Digital Readout
  • Hoses
  • Complete Spares Kit
  • 2 Low Torque and 2 High Torque Motors


  • API 17D Class 1-4

The Class 1-4 Dumb Torque Tool has been designed to provide a simple rugged and reliable product. It comes with a built in mechanical counter to eliminate any problem occurred using an electronic digital counter.

ROV Torque Tools