Hydrate Remediation Skid

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Key Features

  • Fits Forum XLX and Schilling HD as standard
  • Easily adapted to any work class interface


  • Replacement or Additional Buoyancy Blocks
  • Alternative Pin Configurations
  • Various Fluid Reservoir Options
  • Tooling Packages

What’s Included

  • Multipurpose Skid Frame with Buoyancy
  • Transport Frame with Lift Slings to ease deck movements
  • Heat Pump
  • Injection System
  • Suction System
  • Methanol Reservoir
  • Operations Manual
  • Certification Pack

The Hydrate Remediation Skid was developed to offer a 4-stage solution to Hydrate Remediation Operations.

The system can switch between:

  • Methanol injection up to 10,000 psi
  • Heat injection 50-60 degrees above ambient
  • High pressure heat jetting 3,000 psi
  • De-pressurisation operations

The heat system can generate up to 60 degrees above ambient in seawater which can be injected through a hot stab or jetted through a water jetting nozzle to break down external hydrate build up.

The system can then switch to high pressure methanol injection at up to 10k PSI.

Once the operator is comfortable that progress is being made the system can be switched to de-pressurisation mode to allow depressurisation of the tree.

The skid comes with a methanol compliant 100L piston reservoir. The system has proven itself successfully in field operations.

Skid Packages