Smart Torque API 17H Class 1-4

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The Centurion Subsea Services' Smart Torque Tool has retained the rugged features of its predecessor and added the technologically advanced features our customers require.

We have retained the mechanical counter as a backup but also added a digital display that provides real-time torque and turns subsea as well as on the surface, via laptop control. The tool can be supplied as a stand-alone smart tool or with a proportional valve pack, laptop and GUI that can limit torques, control speed and direction as well as log values. Our robust latch system provides you the confidence that you are securely locked into the subsea bucket and will stay that way until you choose to disengage. In the case of an unforeseen power failure, our latches are spring loaded and will retract allowing you to safely disconnect from the work site.

What's In The Box

  • Subsea display
  • Surface test jig and read out
  • #8 JIC hoses (2)
  • #4 JIC hose
  • Comp bottle with fittings
  • Operating & maintenance manual
  • Electrical spares
  • Mechanical spares
  • 195cc motor (2)
  • 36cc motor (2)
  • 1-4 end effector and test stem
  • Cable between tool and display
LatchesSpring Return
Robust Dogs
17-4 Hardened Fins
Weight110 lbs/50 kg (air)
85 lbs/39 kg (water)
Mechanical CounterDisplay in Tenths
Large, easy-to-read numbers
Oil-filled, independently-sealed housing
Allows failsafe operation if battery is depleted or display is compromised
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