Subsea Torque Verification Unit

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Centurion Subsea Services has a subsea verification unit that verifies torque readings of an API 17H Class 1-4 torque tool at depth.

This tool is also available as a dual gauge unit, subsea switchable between class 1-2 and 3-4 without the need to change gauges at the surface. Useful when multiple tools are being used that require subsea verification prior to use.

What's In The Box

  • 2,200 FT-LB gauge (2)
  • 500 FT-LB gauge (2)
  • Test stems
  • Operating & maintenance manual
Materials316 L SS
17-4 SS
InterfaceAPI 17H Class 1-2 end effector
API 17H Class 3 end effector
API 17H Class 4 end effector
Weight170 lbs/77 kg (air)
145 lbs/65 kg (water)
Maximum Input Torque2,000 ft-lbs
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