• Skid Packages

  • Fits Forum XLX and Schilling HD as standard
  • Easily adapted to any work class interface


  • Replacement or additional Buoyancy Blocks.
  • Boom Arms.
  • TSS Deployment Frame.
  • Alternative Pin Configurations.

The Suction Anchor Skid is a self contained system for installing both Suction Anchors and Suction Piles.

The system operates with an intelligent valve pack and customised topside GUI. The system can be used with either the AZ10 or AZ20 suction pumps depending on flow requirements of the project.

Water flow is monitored by the onboard water flow meter and data is send back to the GUI.

A pressure transducer is installed on the hot stab to monitor the positive and negative pressures during pile operations, this information is then utilized by the software to auto regulate the suction pressure.

An optional heading, pitch and roll sensor can be added to the package if required.

Skid Packages