Torque Tool Adapter API 17H Class V

  • ROV Torque Tools

Centurion Subsea Services has designed and manufactured an API 17H Class IV to API 17H Class V torque adapter for use in all standard API 17H Class V interfaces.

Using an API 17H Class IV and API 17H Class V tool on the same dive is very common.

  • API Class IV to API Class V
  • Can be purchased with or without a spring-loaded end effector and in latching or non-latching configurations
  • No hydraulic connection required

What's In The Box

  • Surface test jig and read out
  • Compensator bottle complete with fittings and gear oil
  • Spares kit
  • Operating & maintenance manual
MaterialsAluminum housing

Steel gear reduction

17-4 SSTL location fins

17-4 SSTL end effectors

Delrin nose

316 SSTL ROV handle

316 SSTL hardware
Torque Range0-5,000 ft-lbs
Weight215 lbs/98 kg (air)

170 lbs/77 kg (water)
ROV Torque Tools