Torque Tool (Class 1-4)

  • ROV Torque Tools

Centurion Subsea Services’ Torque Tool has been designed in our tradition of providing our customers a Simple Rugged and Reliable product.

Due to the high cost of downtime in the field, we recognised the industries need for a dependable tool which is why we incorporated a Mechanical Counter to avoid the inherent problems associated with electronic digital counters. Our robust latch system provides you the confidence that you are securely locked into the subsea bucket and will stay that way until you choose to disengage. In the case of an unforeseen power failure our latches are spring loaded and will retract allowing you to safely disconnect from the work site.

Rugged and Reliable Design

Mechanical Counter

Robust Latching System

Low maintenance design

  • Easy motor change out
  • 2 Motors covers entire torque range
  • Simple counter change out
  • Critical components off shelf
  • All hardware US Standard
  • Handle functions as a protective cage around critical components
CounterMechanical - No Battery
Displays in tenths
Highly visible numbers
Oil filled housing and independently sealed
LatchesSpring return
Robust dogs
17-4 Hardened fins
WeightAir - 100lbs (45kg)
Water - 75lbs (34kg)
ROV Torque Tools