Turns Count & Turns Readout TC1 & TC2

  • Torque Tools

Used in conjunction with KIS torque tool the TC1 displays amount of CW/CCW turns. In addition the TC2 also displays torque output.

Models: TC1 & TC2

  • Stand alone unit with no requirement for control system or datalink
  • Inbuilt light sensors actuate the display when illuminated by ROV or Diver light, allowing the display to lay dormant when not required and therefore increasing battery life

What's In The Box

Charging unit

Operating manual

Display5 Digit (14mm) LED +/‐ 999.9
Depth Rating3,000 m
BatteryRechargeable NiMh D cell
ActivationLight sensor
Count resetMagnetic reed switch
Length200 mm
Width80 mm
Body Dia50 mm
Weight1.6 kg (Air), 1.1 kg (Water)
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