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  • 12/10/2021

Centurion Subsea Services DEDICATED TO GIVING BACK IN 2021

2021 has been a thriving period of growth for Centurion Subsea Services having relocated to our new facility, Gary McConnell taking over as Managing Director, increasing the size our specialist team, and investing in new innovative technologies… it has been a busy time to say the least. Although this year, possibly more pertinent than any other, Centurion Subsea Services really wanted to ramp up our focus on giving back.

With Centurion Subsea Services being an independently owned business that has grown organically over the past 12 years, we are deeply rooted in the Aberdeen area and truly appreciate the value of supporting our local communities. It is important for Centurion Subsea Services to show our support to Aberdeen-based charities that have been faced with a particularly challenging 18 months. We planned to keep the momentum going following on from the incredible fundraising efforts of our Technical Manager, Scott Munro, raising over £10,000 for Grampian Disability sport from his Great Scottish Triathlon Challenge. Therefore, we have supported several charities throughout the year that hold a strong personal connection to our Centurion Subsea Services team, helping these great causes continue the amazing work they do every day.

When AberNecessities released a plea on Facebook last month that their shelves were empty and applications were piled high, it really struck a chord with our Managing Director Gary. Being a father of two young children himself, Gary could not fathom the thought of children being without a pillow or cosy duvet to sleep with – we had to help.

Gary headed straight to the charity’s online Amazon wish list to help replenish stock of their most needed items as well as a trip to Costco for baby essentials, including nappies and wipes.

“I have been familiar with AberNecessities’ amazing work for a while now and when I heard their urgent appeal we wanted to support straight away. It is always concerning to think about children being short on their minimum needs, which I am sure has increased over the past 18 months. We were really happy Centurion Subsea Services could do our small bit to help these families provide for their children”. – Gary.

We gathered over £700 worth of items which we drove straight over to AberNecessities the following week to help them get back to the remarkable work they do supporting families in need of urgent assistance.

Our Founder & Technical Director, Mike Bisset experienced an accident at the start of 2021 which required him to have urgent surgery on a serious wound on his hand. Mike was advised by his doctor that if the wound did not heal properly after the operation, he was at risk of losing a portion of his hand and possibly a finger. For anyone that knows our Mike he is often busy in the warehouse getting his hands dirty, so this was not an option for him. Being type 1 diabetic himself, Mike knew that wounds often heal very slowly and therefore immediately began searching for a treatment to help the process along. Following a few failed avenues, Mike came across the Grampian MS Therapy Centre that host sessions in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to treat an array of medical conditions.

“Grampian MS understood the urgency and moved arrangements to provide me with 20 treatment sessions in their hyperbaric chamber straight away, this undoubtedly made my hand heal an awful lot quicker than it would have done without their crucial support. When meeting the surgeon for my 4-week review after the operation, he said that the wound looked as though it took place 12 weeks ago not 4. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the results from the oxygen therapy as well as the superior support I received from the Grampian MS team”- Mike.

Centurion Subsea Services have been amazed at the diverse range of conditions that Grampian MS have supported and the astonishing positive results stories they have shared from their visitors. Centurion Subsea Services wanted to show our gratitude for the life changing support Grampian MS provide with a donation of £5,000 to help the charity grow and expand the number of people they can reach with their treatment therapies.

Centurion Subsea Services also felt it was important to provide funding to a charity local to our head quarter office. Home-start Garioch provide vital support to people who have faced their own challenges as a parent. The matched volunteers go into family’s home every week on a regular basis offering practical and emotional support. Centurion Subsea Services donated £1,000 to the charity earlier this year and with personal connections to the organisation we can see the positive effect our donation has made, as well as the true impact Home-Start has on the surrounding community.

At Centurion Subsea Services we hope to continue our dedication to giving back, and maintain our momentum of supporting the important causes and local communities around us.

Find out more about the charities we have supported:

AberNecessities – https://abernecessities.co.uk/

Grampian MS Therapy Centre – http://www.grampianms.org/

Home-Start Garioch – https://www.homestartgarioch.org.uk

Grampian Disability Sport – https://www.grampiandisabilitysport.org.uk/

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